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Protect Your Home While Away

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Protect Your Home While Away

What’s better than going on a fun vacation? Going on a fun vacation knowing your home will stay safe and secure while you’re out of town. 

Whether you’re a snowbird who travels regularly or you’re just planning a winter getaway, here’s how to protect your house from damage and intruders while you’re gone. 

Outward Appearances

Rely on a trusted neighbor, friend or relative to check on your home daily. Ask them to turn on lights, collect flyers and packages left on the porch, and park a car in your driveway to keep your house from looking empty. Hiring a reputable house sitter or home watch service is another wise option.

Camera Ready

You may also choose to install security cameras to keep an eye on parts of your home’s interior and exterior. Cameras can ping your phone whenever they detect motion, and you can set up speakers to communicate with or scare off anyone on your property — even if you’re hundreds of miles away. 

Smart Solutions

Sensors that detect leaks and smoke are also a good idea, as is a smart thermostat to monitor and control your home’s temperature. All these futuristic features can complement a traditional home security system that will dispatch the police or fire department in an emergency. 

Damage Control

Finally, it’s vital to protect your home from potential water damage. A small leak can quickly turn into a big problem, so consider turning off your water before you leave. If there’s any chance of freezing weather while you’ll be gone, take steps to protect your pipes from bursting

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