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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

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Is all my jewelry covered under my home insurance policy?

No. Most homeowner’s insurance policies in Texas only have a total of $500 in coverage for ALL of your Jewelry, Watches, & Furs combined. You can increase that limit or individually list out the major pieces that you own to provide coverage.

If I move and rent out my house, do I need to change anything on my policy?

No. Almost every insurance company has a requirement for a homeowner policy that it must be “owner-occupied”. You will need to change the policy to a Dwelling policy if you no longer live there.

What is Underinsured Motorist Coverage on my Auto policy?

Medical and funeral expenses, car repairs, car rental and replacement of damaged contents if you are in an accident and the other party doesn’t have insurance (it is estimated that 25% of the drivers in Texas don’t have insurance). It covers – you, your family, and your passengers.

Is it cheaper or better to put my child on their own auto insurance policy?

Very rarely. The parents normally have discounts the child doesn’t, like: married discount, better credit score, multi-car discount, homeowner discount and a multi-policy discount.

If contents like jewelry and devices are stolen from my car is that covered under my auto or home insurance policy?

In most cases, contents are not covered on your auto insurance policy. They may or may not be covered on your home insurance policy and will be subject to the deductible and any exclusions.

Flood Insurance is covered in my home insurance policy, correct?

No. Damage caused by flooding, i.e. rising water from the outside, is only covered by a flood insurance policy. Please contact us and we can prepare a quote for you.

If I move out of my house and its vacant, is the insurance still in force while we try to sell it?

No. Every homeowner’s policy has what is called a “vacancy clause” in it. Some limit the coverage while the home is vacant. Some give you 60 days to sell it. Some give you Zero days of coverage. There are special “vacancy policies” that are needed to ensure proper coverage.

Is the aftermarket video, stereo and tires I installed on my automobile is covered under my policy if it gets stolen?

No, most insurance policies only provide coverage to match what the vehicle had installed at the factory. Additional items that are permanently attached to the vehicle must be scheduled on the insurance policy for there to be coverage if they are damaged or stolen. This includes: stereos, video screens, custom rims and tires, lift kits, brush guards, tool boxes, custom paint jobs…

If I rent a car should I purchase the rental insurance from that company?

You will have the same liability limits and the same level of comprehensive and collision coverage that you have on your personal auto policy for the rental car. However, you won’t have coverage for the rental car for items that aren’t covered on your auto policy. That includes: loss of use (profit the rental car company lost while the car was out of service being repaired, administrative fees and diminished value (in a major accident the car’s resale value may be much less and the rental car company may charge you). Most rental car insurance covers these 3 items. It’s up to you whether you feel the extra cost is worth it. Along that same logic, rental moving trucks are not covered since that is a different type of vehicle than is covered on your auto policy.