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Brian Johnson provides affordable auto insurance coverage

Affordable Auto Insurance Coverage

Brian Johnson Insurance provides affordable auto insurance coverage so you only pay for what you need. How do you know if you need auto insurance? Auto insurance is a policy purchased by vehicle owners to protect them against financial loss associated with an auto accident. As a result, instead of paying out of pocket for auto accidents, you simply pay an annual premium to your insurance company. The insurance company then pays all or a portion of the cost associated with the accident including vehicle damage and medical expenses.

Classic Car Coverage

If you own an Antique or classic car, or even a “modern classic” (like a 1976 Chevy Corvette), you may qualify for a classic car insurance policy. The vehicle must be used on a limited basis, but annual auto insurance policies are usually under $300. See our classic car insurance company’s website for more details: Hagerty

Motorcycle, Boat, RV and ATV

We can insure all of your toys from custom motorcycles to 4-wheelers to snow mobiles. And this may allow you to receive a multi-policy discount to go with your auto insurance. We provide individualized service so you don’t feel it’s you against the world. Call us today at 281-852-3333 or use our online quote form because the best coverage and price is worth fighting for.

Below is a partial list of home insurance companies that Brian Johnson Insurance represent:

State Auto
National General

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