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How to Make the Most of Working From Home

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How to Make the Most of Working From Home

For most of us, working from home is the new normal. And even if you’re an experienced remote worker, you may be encountering a few challenges these days.

First, give yourself a break (this is a stressful time, after all), but if you do want to improve your productivity and enjoy a healthier balance between work and personal time, take a look at these tips: 

Set Yourself Up for Success

Start by creating a comfortable space where you can be productive. Instead of slouching on the couch with your laptop, try to use a table and a supportive chair. A mouse and a keyboard can limit wrist and hand fatigue, and placing your screen at eye level is better for your neck. 

Create Boundaries

If you can, try to stick to some kind of routine. This may mean getting dressed every morning, scheduling a lunch break, and setting a hard stop for your workday. Let your colleagues know when you’ll be offline to walk the dog or supervise your kids’ school work. Resist the urge to always be available. 

Embrace the New Normal

Video calls and Slack messages might be new territory for some of us, and even if you’re used to these workplace tools, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re observing good etiquette. Brush up on your skills if needed so that you can continue to be a successful communicator and supportive co-worker. 

Stay Active

Without putting undue pressure on yourself, try to add a little movement to your day. Take regular stretch breaks and prioritize your online yoga class or daily walk by blocking off time on your calendar. Just like when you were back in the office, it’s important to step away from the computer to help avoid burnout.

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