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2 Easy Car Tasks You Can Do Yourself

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2 Easy Car Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Don’t underestimate yourself when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. While there are certainly some tasks best left to a mechanic, other simple jobs are pretty easy to do on your own.

Are you ready to take control (and save a little money in the process)? Here are two easy things you can do quickly, inexpensively and right in your own driveway. 

Wiper Replacement: The Ultimate Entry-Level Car Task

If your windshield wipers aren’t so much clearing your windshield as dragging stuff across it, try cleaning your wiper blades first with a rag and wiper fluid. If that doesn’t work, measure each blade (or check your owner’s manual) then buy new ones at any big box or automotive store. 

You’ll probably pay around $10 to $20 per blade — less than what you’d be charged for parts and labor at a car repair shop. Don’t forget the rear wiper, if your car has one.

To make the swap, lift the wiper arm, unhook the clip, and slide the old blade off. Then slide the new one on and rehook the clip.

Air Filter Replacement: A Simple Next-Level Fix

Replacing your engine’s air filter every one to two years helps keep your motor free of damaging dust and dirt. It costs around $20, and any auto store website can show you the right model for your vehicle.

To replace the filter, open the hood of your car, identify the filter case, and pop it open. Pay attention when you take out the old filter so you can put the new one in facing the right direction. Close the case and the hood and you’re good to go.

Taking good care of your car now can help you avoid expensive problems in the future.

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