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Don’t Make These 4 Remodeling Mistakes

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Don’t Make These 4 Remodeling Mistakes

You’ve spent six weeks looking at paint swatches and now you’re finally ready to make a decision. But as soon as you finish the first coat, you wish you had gone with a different color altogether. 

Paint is pretty easy to change. But other home updates can cost you more than just a lost weekend.

Take a look at these common remodeling missteps before you start planning your next project: 

1. You Skimp on Materials

You’re disappointed to discover that the backsplash you found on clearance is hard to install and not very durable. It didn’t take long to crack one of the tiles. 

The Takeaway: Keep quality in mind, read consumer reviews and don’t let the thrill of a good deal get in the way of doing the job right. 

2. You Misjudge the Timeframe

It was supposed to take just a few hours to install the new plank-style wood flooring in your bedroom. Now you’re sleeping in the living room and your project is far from complete.

The Takeaway: Be realistic from the beginning and allow yourself plenty of time to deal with unforeseen challenges.

3. You Overestimate Your Skills

Building a new deck seems manageable according to the YouTube videos you’ve watched. But before you know it, you’re in way over your head.

The Takeaway: When a project involves heavy lifting or specific skills, it’s best to turn to a pro for help.

4. You Go Way Over Budget

You just wanted to give the laundry room a quick refresh. Now, you’re managing a surprise mold problem (and you exceeded your budget several days ago).

The Takeaway: A thorough inspection from a trusted contractor can reveal the true scope of the work that needs to be done.

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