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Don’t Fall for These 5 Car Insurance Myths

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Don’t Fall for These 5 Car Insurance Myths

Have you heard the one about red cars being more expensive to insure? 

Common misconceptions abound when it comes to car insurance, and blindly believing in these falsehoods can make your life more complicated. It might even cost you money to remain in the dark, so it’s important to set the record straight.

Here are five car insurance myths you may have heard: 

1. Color determines insurance costs. Insurers commonly consider the make and model of your car when determining the cost of insurance, but color isn’t factored in. If you love that red car, no need to pass it over for a less eye-catching paint job.

2. If someone else drives your vehicle, you’re not responsible for the damage they cause. Not so fast. Your policy covers your vehicle regardless of the driver, so think twice before lending out your car to an unreliable driver.

3. Military personnel pay more for car insurance. In fact, the opposite is usually true. Active members of the military often qualify for a discount on car insurance as long as they’re able to prove their enlistment. Some companies even offer discounts to former military members and their families.

4. Personal insurance covers business use. If you use your vehicle for work, it’s a good idea to purchase a business auto policy. If employees use your car for business, you’re responsible for any damages, so make sure they have a clean driving history.

5. No-fault insurance means you’re off the hook. Some states have “no-fault” laws, but these apply to the medical costs associated with an accident, not property damage. 

Are there any other auto insurance “facts” you’re unsure of? Reach out if you have questions or need to adjust your coverage.