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4 Home Safety Tasks to Keep Up With

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4 Home Safety Tasks to Keep Up With

Safety and comfort are on all of our minds right now. That means, along with regular seasonal maintenance, it’s important to make time for a few safety checks around the house, too.

At least once a year, it’s a good idea to take a look at the devices, alarms and appliances that your family relies on to stay safe, healthy and comfortable.

It won’t take long (especially if the kids pitch in). Here’s where to start:

1. Smoke Alarms

Do you have enough smoke alarms, and are they working? You want one on each floor, including one inside and outside each sleeping area. Test each alarm, replace expired batteries and replace alarms older than 10 years.

2. Fire Extinguishers

Do you have one in the garage and one in the kitchen? Make sure the dial shows the extinguisher is still pressurized. Review the instructions for using it (and know when to use it and when to evacuate).

3. Kitchen Hazards

Has grease built up around the stove or on your range hood filter? It could start a cooking fire. Also, make sure cleaning products are locked away from young children and pets.

4. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Make sure they’re still working and have fresh backup batteries. Some are integrated with smoke alarms, but plug-in ones at knee level may provide better detection.

One more thing: It’s also important to have a household evacuation plan in case of a fire or other emergency. Go over the details (like how to exit safely and how to gather up your pets) and practice them together. Settle on a meeting place outside.

After checking these tasks off your list, now all you have to do is set a calendar reminder to do them regularly.

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