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5 Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space

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5 Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space

Your yard can be an oasis, especially when the weather is warm and sunny.

But creating the kind of space that beckons you outdoors and allows you to entertain guests can take plenty of time, money and hard work.

So what upgrades should you consider when building your ideal outdoor space? Here are some projects (big and small) that can help you get started.

  1. Build or upgrade a deck. A deck can be the centerpiece of your outdoor space. Building a new deck (or upgrading an existing one) is a big project with big possibilities. You have the opportunity to tailor the aesthetic and make sure it fits your needs.
  2. Invest in an outdoor kitchen. Food brings people together, and an outdoor kitchen can make alfresco dining the highlight of your yard. You can opt for a simple setup dedicated to grilling or build out a more elaborate kitchen complete with a pizza oven, bar and refrigerator.
  3. Add seating options. Seating invites you to relax in your outdoor space. Consider options like patio furniture, porch swings and hammocks. You can also bring the seating area together with an outdoor rug.
  4. Get into gardening. Gardening can be rewarding, and there are bountiful opportunities for growth and customization. Plant flower beds or potted blooms for a splash of color, or plant a vegetable and herb garden to supply your kitchen with fresh ingredients.
  5. Install ample lighting. You don’t have to go inside when the sun sets. The right lighting allows you to enjoy your space anytime. String up fairy lights for a whimsical feeling, set up a fire pit for a cozy vibe, or emphasize safety with pathway lights.

Upgrading your outdoor space allows you to enjoy being outside more often and could even improve the value of your home.

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