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5 Commonly Forgotten Maintenance Tasks

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5 Commonly Forgotten Maintenance Tasks

Your home is a huge investment. It’s understandable that you would want to keep it in good shape — and that can take a lot of hard work.

Because June is National Homeownership Month, it may be a good time to catch up on some of the important home maintenance tasks that are often neglected or forgotten. Keep reading for five tasks you should consider tackling more often.

1. Clean your dryer vents. You probably empty your dryer’s lint trap after every load, but when is the last time you cleared out your dryer vent? Cleaning lint and other debris from the vent can help your dryer run more efficiently and prevent a fire.

2. Flush your water heater. A broken water heater is a headache you would probably rather avoid. Flushing the tank once or twice a year can make it last longer and improve its efficiency.

3. Get behind your fridge. It’s easy to forget about the dust and debris that accumulates behind bulky appliances. Cleaning your fridge’s coils will help it run more efficiently (which could save you money). Plus, if there’s food trapped beneath or behind the fridge, it can start to stink and attract pests.

4. Check for pests. Speaking of pests, you can stay ahead of the curve by looking for any early signs of insect or rodent activity. Check for damage to the wood in your home and look for any droppings. If you hear any strange noises that keep coming back, it might be time to call pest control.

5. Clear out your window wells. You likely don’t think about your home’s window wells often, but it’s best to keep them tidy if you can. Clear out any built-up leaves, dirt and other debris, and check for any signs of broken glass, rust or cracks.

Stay on top of tasks like these to help your home’s systems function better and maintain your home’s value.

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