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Are you considering renting a house?

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Are you considering renting a house?

When it comes to renting, you may have more choices than you think with regard to home styles.

While apartments are often a more plentiful and affordable option, you can also consider renting a duplex, condo or single-family house.

Are you interested in pursuing a stand-alone home as a renter? Keep reading to discover some potential pros and cons you should think about before making up your mind.

What are some pros of renting a single-family home?

You might be interested in renting a house for the:

  • Space. Generally, a house offers more room than an apartment for both living and storage space. You may even have access to outdoor space, such as a fenced yard.
  • Privacy. Additional space also offers you more privacy. You won’t have to share walls with your neighbors, and if you have children or pets, you may find that to be a big plus.
  • Parking. Have you ever spent time circling the block looking for street parking? You may appreciate having a driveway or garage for designated parking.

What are some potential cons of a single-family rental?

If you want to rent a house, don’t forget to consider the:

  • Expenses. The perks of renting a house over an apartment, like extra space, often mean you’ll be paying more in rent. You may also be agreeing to shoulder more maintenance; for example, your lease might specify that it’s your responsibility to maintain the yard you’ll be enjoying.
  • Location. Single-family houses for rent are likely more available in suburban areas. If you work in the city, you might be signing up for a longer commute.
  • Landlord. If you are renting a house, you may be dealing with a single landlord or property manager rather than a company. An individual may take longer to respond to maintenance requests or concerns. The owner may also opt to sell the house at some point.

No matter where you rent, it’s important to make sure you’re covered with renters insurance. Get in touch to talk about your policy options today.