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Should you let someone borrow your car?

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Should you let someone borrow your car?

Owning a car often makes things more convenient. Family members or friends who don’t have cars of their own might ask you if they can borrow yours to get somewhere.

And, while it’s perfectly legal to let someone else get behind the wheel, it is important to ask some questions of the borrower (and yourself) before you hand over the keys.

If you’re thinking of letting someone borrow your car, here’s what you should consider first.

1. Is the borrower a licensed driver?
This one is pretty obvious: Whoever gets behind the wheel needs to have a valid driver’s license. You may also want to consider their past driving record.

2. Does your car insurance allow it?
Double-check that your insurance is up to date. Most coverage includes permissive use, which allows drivers not listed on the policy to drive the car. Determine if your policy has any permissive use exclusions.

3. How is the driver planning to use your car?
It’s a good idea to know where they plan to take your car and for how long. That way, you can plan around the time your car is being used by someone else.

4. What happens if the driver gets in an accident?
If someone gets into an accident while they’re using your car, your insurance policy may cover the damages. If the driver has their own car insurance (for non-owners), it’s possible that it may help pay for personal injury expenses. If another driver causes the accident, their insurance will be responsible for coverage.

5. Does this person plan to borrow your car often?
If you plan to allow someone to drive your car regularly, it may make more sense to add them to your insurance policy.

It’s important to periodically review your auto insurance to ensure you have the coverage you need. Reach out if you have questions about your policy.