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Eco-Friendly Ways to Update Your Home

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Eco-Friendly Ways to Update Your Home

As you spend time in your home over the years, you may find it lacking in features that could benefit your household.

But if you have the time, money and patience, you can update your home in a way that suits you — and could even lead to an increase in your property value.

Plus, when you gear up to do some home improvements, you can keep sustainability in mind. These five projects can help you make your home environmentally friendly.

Swap out your light bulbs. If you want to start simple, pop LED light bulbs into your lamps and fixtures. LEDs are a sustainable choice because they use up to 90% less energy when compared to traditional bulbs.

Install a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are not a major investment, but they can help make your home more energy efficient. You can control heating and cooling while you’re away, and they can often learn your patterns and adjust automatically.

Upgrade your windows and doors. Your home loses a fair amount of its energy through older windows and doors. Installing energy-efficient ones can cut down on energy loss. If you’d rather not spend the money to replace them, you can seal your windows and doors instead.

Buy energy-efficient appliances. If any of your appliances are due for a replacement, keep Energy Star-certified products in mind. You can find energy-efficient refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters and more.

Pick sustainable flooring. Putting in new floors can be a big undertaking, but sometimes it’s necessary. Consider replacing carpeting or other old floors with a sustainable material like bamboo.
Keep in mind that sustainable home projects are not just better for the environment — they also directly benefit homeowners. You can save on your energy costs, and you might even qualify for a home energy tax credit.

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