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How to Choose A Good Mechanic

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How to Choose A Good Mechanic

Whether you’re going in for an oil change or something more serious, having a good mechanic makes life a lot less stressful.

Tired of turning your keys over to someone and hoping for the best?

Here are a few tips for locating a trustworthy professional you’ll feel comfortable returning to whenever your vehicle needs attention (which hopefully isn’t too often).

Check for Certifications

Many reputable mechanics have been certified by particular vehicle manufacturers or the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Ask the shop if they have any certified mechanics on staff and check the website or waiting area for any other licenses or certifications.

Ask for Recommendations

While online reviews can be helpful to your decision-making process, they shouldn’t be the only factor. Ask friends, family, co-workers and neighbors if they’re happy with their current mechanic.

Be an Active Participant

Show up informed about the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle as well as any major repairs you’ve already completed. This will help your mechanic be the best possible partner to you. It will also alert you to any red flags, such as a recommendation for a repair that you just had done.

Review Everything

You also want a mechanic who is willing to answer your questions and explain why a repair is needed. The best technicians can also tell you when the repair isn’t urgent but should be completed within a specific timeframe.

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