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Why You Need Personal Property Coverage

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Why You Need Personal Property Coverage

The belongings in your home are more than just “stuff.”

The things we own carry value, whether for sentimental or basic, useful reasons. If something was stolen or damaged in your home, you want to know that you’d be able to recover that value, right?

That’s where homeowners insurance comes into play.

What is personal property insurance?

Personal property insurance is a part of homeowners and renters insurance. It is also referred to as contents coverage.

What counts as personal property?

Personal property insurance covers your possessions, but what does that mean? Personal property is considered the items you own that are not a part of your home. Your roof is part of your home, but other things fall under the umbrella of personal property, such as:

  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Home decor

Personal property insurance can also cover belongings under your roof that are owned by friends and family. Imagine flooding ruins your sister’s laptop while she’s visiting. Your personal property insurance may cover that loss.

But, it’s important to know that not everything you own is covered by this type of insurance. For example, your pets and your vehicles are outside the realm of personal property insurance.

How much coverage do I need for my personal property?

No one wants to think about the devastation of losing their home and belongings in a fire or flood. But, insurance is there for you in a worst-case scenario. A home inventory will help you figure out the approximate value of your personal property and determine the level of coverage you need.

Everyone’s needs are a little different, and we’re here to help guide you. If you have questions about what your personal property insurance covers or if you want to adjust your coverage, reach out anytime.