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How to Keep Your Collectibles Safe

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How to Keep Your Collectibles Safe

Collectibles are a reflection of your taste and passions. You have spent hours curating and enjoying the items in your collection, whether it be fine wine, art or something else. How can you protect this valuable, and often sentimental, investment?

It starts with regular maintenance.

Proper maintenance will differ depending on what type of collectibles you own. Whether you display your valuable items or keep them somewhere private, you want to maintain their appearance and value.

In general, regular cleaning and dusting are important. Some items, like fine art, may require professional cleaning.

Store collectibles thoughtfully.

You might not have the space or desire to keep your collectibles on display. If you decide to store your items:

  • Choose the right protection: Collectibles need to be kept safe from dust, dirt, chemicals and other potential hazards. Carefully select the right type of protection and packaging. For example, vinyl records should be kept in plastic sleeves.
  • Pick the right environment: Collectible items are often vulnerable to environmental factors, like humidity, heat and mold. A climate-controlled storage unit can help ensure your collectibles remain undamaged and maintain their value.

Insure rare or high-value collectibles.

Even if you maintain and store your collection correctly, it is important to insure that investment. Your homeowners insurance may cover the full value of your items as personal property in certain situations, but it depends on what the collectibles are and what they’re worth.

A professional appraisal will help you determine the value of your items and how much insurance you need. Regularly evaluate your collection, keep documentation in a safe place, and update your insurance coverage to ensure it keeps pace with your collection’s growing value.

We understand the importance of covering your collectibles. Reach out to us with any questions about getting the right insurance for your valuables.