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Six Life Events That May Affect Your Insurance

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Six Life Events That May Affect Your Insurance

Change is one of life’s only constants. Have you experienced a big shift or milestone lately?

If so, you may need to adjust your insurance coverage accordingly.

Want to make sure you have the protection you need? Check in if you’ve experienced one of the the following common life events or if you see a change on the horizon.

New Address or Addition of Property

If you move to a new city or town, your auto policy rates may be affected in addition to your homeowners policy. Acquiring or selling a rental property or vacation home will also affect your homeowners policy and coverage.

Marital Status

Did you get married or divorced this year? You may need to update your homeowners policy if you moved to a new address. And with your auto insurance, you’ll need to add or remove your spouse or ex-spouse as well as their vehicle.

Teen Driver

As you reflect on how quickly the years have passed since your ready-to-drive teen was just a baby, take some time to update your car insurance policy to make sure they’re covered.

New Employment Conditions

Are you working from home due to the pandemic? Lost your job or found a new one? Any time your commute changes, you should update the mileage on your car insurance policy.

Extensive Property Additions

Adding an in-ground pool to your backyard or a new bedroom or wing to your home? This will affect your property value as well as your homeowners insurance.

In-Home Child Care

If you hire someone to care for your children in your home, you have a household employee. There are implications for your taxes as well as your homeowners insurance. Starting an in-home daycare in your house also affects insurance coverage.

Have questions about your insurance coverage after a big life change? Reach out anytime.