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Is it time for an insurance check-in?

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Is it time for an insurance check-in?

One month into the new year, you’ve probably been thinking about ways to save money, find peace of mind, and be a little more organized in 2021.

Did anything change for you in 2020? If so, remember that your insurance coverage might need to change, as well.

Either way, it’s a good idea to check in annually to make sure you have the right coverage for your needs.

Here’s how to know if you’re on track:

Do you have enough auto insurance?

Did you buy a new (or new-to-you) vehicle recently? Or change your driving habits? Here’s what to consider:

Collision coverage: The minimum requirement isn’t always enough to meet your needs. If you bought a high-value new or used car, collision coverage helps cover the cost of repair or replacement up to your vehicle’s cash value, regardless of who is at fault.

Uninsured motorists: What if someone without auto insurance hits your car? This type of coverage protects you from having to pay for a repair or replacement on your own.

Comprehensive: This covers non-collision repairs and replacements from theft, vandalism, damage from natural disasters, and more.

How much homeowners insurance do you need?

As with auto coverage, the minimum isn’t always enough.

Dwelling: This helps you pay for repairs or a rebuild due to covered events (such as a fire). Has the value of your home or the cost of construction increased? You may want to adjust accordingly.

Personal property: Have you inventoried the value of your possessions lately? This type of coverage is for everything in your house and kicks in if your belongings are stolen or damaged.

Liability: Do you have people working in your house, such as a cleaner or babysitter? A big yard where an injury could occur? It may be time to increase your liability coverage.

Feeling overwhelmed by your options? Reach out when you’re ready and we’ll be happy to help you with your coverage needs.