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How to Create a Home Inventory

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How to Create a Home Inventory

Theft, fire, flooding or any other reason you need to file a home insurance claim are incredibly stressful. While you can’t change the circumstances necessitating the claim, you can do some work beforehand to make the process go smoothly.

A home inventory is one simple thing you can do. Learn about why it’s important to create a home inventory and how to make your own:

What is a home inventory?

A home inventory is a detailed list of everything you own and the estimated or appraised value of those items.

Why is a home inventory important?

An accurate home inventory can help you to figure out how much home insurance coverage you need because all of the personal items you own are listed all in one place.

And if you ever need to file a claim, you are going to be asked to provide documentation proving the value of the items you’ve lost. Without an itemized list, you might find it very difficult to remember everything you have lost, and the claims process will become more challenging without documentation.

How can you create your home inventory?

  • Break it down by room. List your belongings in each room. Within each room, you can create smaller categories, such as furniture and art.
  • Keep your receipts. Any time you make a purchase, save a physical or digital copy of the receipt to provide evidence of its value.
  • Prioritize expensive belongings. Take extra care to inventory and document valuables, such as jewelry or electronics.

How often should you make updates?

Making regular updates to your inventory guarantees its accuracy. Set a schedule that works for you. Update the inventory annually, quarterly or whenever you make a big purchase.

Updating your home inventory might signal it is time to review your home insurance policy as well. We are here to answer questions about your coverage and ensure you have the insurance that is right for you.