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Home Storage Ideas to Protect Your Stuff

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Home Storage Ideas to Protect Your Stuff

Clutter can sneak up on you. But properly storing your belongings can help keep your home tidy and can help keep your items safe. Starting a big home organization project can be overwhelming, but we have a few tips to help you get started:

Maximize your available space.

Get creative to make the most of your storage space. Explore using wall hangers and shelves in your garage. Invest in stackable storage boxes for your attic. Install racks in your kitchen cabinets to stack your pots, pans and dishes.

Label everything.
Putting everything away can be a great feeling, but you won’t be thanking yourself if you can’t find what you need later. Label everything you pack away (like holiday decorations or spare blankets) in boxes to make it easier to find when you are ready to pull it out of storage.

Know what not to store.
Garages, basements and attics are perfect for storage, but not everything belongs in those spaces. For example, avoid keeping items such as spare bedding or firewood that might attract pests in your garage. Keep delicate items, such as wedding gowns or old baby clothes, out of your attic and basement. Temperature fluctuations could damage the fabric. In the basement, you risk losing these items in the case of flooding.

Add a backyard shed.
If you run out of storage space, you might find adding a backyard shed gives you the room you need. Keep in mind that you’ll need to look into how an additional structure will affect your homeowner’s insurance.

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