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How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title

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How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title

A car title is an important legal document that proves the vehicle’s ownership. You should keep it in a secure location so that you don’t have to worry about losing it or having it stolen.

But if you do lose that document in some way, don’t worry: You can replace it. While it can be stressful, you can apply for a new one and will typically receive it within about a month. Keep reading to learn more about your vehicle title:

Why do you need a car title?
If you want to sell your car or transfer ownership, you’ll need the title to do so. You’ll also need to update the title if you move to a new state.

Where do you get a new title?
You may be able to get a copy of the title from your loan servicer if you financed your car.

Otherwise, you’ll likely go through the process of applying for a new title with the state’s department of motor vehicles. You may be able to apply online or by mail, but it’s possible you’ll need to make an in-person visit to your local DMV.

What information do you need?
Gather your vehicle identification number, your driver’s license number and your car’s current odometer reading. (This last number is important to prevent odometer fraud when selling or transferring the title.)

What happens if the car isn’t in your name?
Maybe you lost the transferred title before you were able to file with your state’s DMV, or you inherited a car but aren’t able to find the title. It is possible to get a car title even if the vehicle isn’t in your name.

If you lose the transfer title, talk to the car seller. They can apply for a replacement, then sign that title over to you. If you inherit a car without a title, you’ll probably need to show proof that you are the beneficiary of the estate when you apply for a new title.

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