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4 Things to Teach A First-time Driver

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4 Things to Teach A First-time Driver

Teaching someone to drive is a milestone event.

In this situation, you might feel overwhelmed by everything there is to teach about road safety. You’ll also need to manage the fact that your new driver is excited to get behind the wheel.

Finding yourself in the passenger’s seat is a big responsibility, but these tips can help you and your new driver navigate the process together.

Safety First

Before getting behind the wheel, you should talk about safety, including:

  • Always wear a seat belt
  • Never text and drive
  • Follow the speed limit
  • Stay aware of the road, other drivers and pedestrians

Cover the Basics

Once you both take a seat in the car and buckle up, go over the basics. Run through the different features of the vehicle and allow the driver time to get used to being in control.

Does your first-time driver know how to use the gas and brakes, parking brake, turn signals, wipers and dashboard controls? Are the mirrors, seat and steering wheel all properly adjusted?

Take It Slow 

When it’s time for the driver to hit the gas, start slow. Pick an empty parking lot to practice starting the car, slowing down, stopping, turning, reversing and parking.

Once your new driver starts to build confidence in the driver’s seat, you can head out to some slower residential streets, eventually working up to more high-traffic areas.

Practice Patience

Learning a new skill takes time, and it can take time to find your teaching style.

Remember to be patient and put in the hours to give your first-timer the necessary practice. The ultimate goal is to teach the skills to be a confident, safe driver.

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