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What You Should Know About Pothole Damage

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What You Should Know About Pothole Damage

Do you know how damaging potholes can be?

Unfortunately, this common road hazard can potentially send your vehicle to the repair shop.

Here’s what to know if you ever find yourself dealing with pothole problems. Plus: Find out how you might be able to avoid them in the first place.

What kind of damage can a bad pothole cause?

  • Tires: They could sustain internal damage that can’t be patched or repaired. Check your dashboard for the tire pressure light to see if you’re losing air.
  • Wheels: As with tire damage, a bent or cracked wheel rim may need to be replaced.
  • Alignment: Does your car seem to pull to the right or left after you hit a pothole? You could be looking at a bent steering or suspension part in your alignment. Get it checked out to be sure.

Thinking of filing a pothole damage claim?

Your policy may cover pothole damage, but such a claim is likely to be considered a single-car accident, which means the fault gets assigned to you. Having an at-fault accident on your record could cause your rates to go up.

Before you file a claim, check your deductible to see if the cost of repair will exceed your out-of-pocket amount. If not, there’s no benefit to filing a claim. Not sure what to do? Reach out to us for help weighing your options.

How to Avoid Pothole Damage 

Pothole season may be unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean potholes themselves can’t be avoided. Here are a few tips for preventing pothole damage:

  • Keep your eyes on the road. The best way to avoid hitting a pothole is to see it coming up so you can switch lanes or drive around it.
  • Use a navigation app with pothole warnings. Waze and other GPS apps now have this feature.
  • Beware of puddles. It might actually be a pothole full of water, so go around or drive slowly through it.
  • Mind your speed. The slower you go over a pothole, the less likely you are to sustain damage.

Have questions about pothole damage claims or your policy in general? Reach out today.