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Flood Insurance

Homeowners insurance policies do NOT cover flood damage. Flood insurance provides coverage for “rising water” that enters your home from the outside. Flood insurance is an important extra level of protection in the event of unforeseen situations.

We recommend all our customers to obtain flood insurance.

Did You Know?

  • Over 30% of all recent flooding events have occurred in non-High Risk flood zones, meaning it is not required by your bank.
  • The average 30-year mortgage has a 1% chance of fire, and a 26% chance of flood loss
  • There is a mandatory 30 day waiting period for the coverage to take effect, so it is important to buy flood insurance before the floodwaters start to rise.
  • Residential flood insurance can be as inexpensive as shown below for non-High Risk flood zones and credit cards are accepted.
Preferred Flood Policies:

Building/Contents Coverage & Premiums

  • $100,000 / $40,000 coverage with $349 premium
  • $125,000/ $50,000 coverage with $366 premium
  • $150,000 / $60,000 coverage with $389 premium
  • $200,000/ $80,000 coverage with $425 premium
  • $250,000/ $100,000 coverage with $450 premium

* Homes in high risk flood zones are priced individually

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