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Hail 101: Prevent and Manage Damage

Hailstorms can produce chunks of ice as small as pebbles and as large as golf balls or even tennis balls. These storms can result in billions of dollars in damage each year.

What can you do to protect your home and car? What happens if your property doesn’t escape damage?

Protect Your Home

Planning ahead is the best way to protect your home from hailstorms.

  • Make sure any trees near your house are trimmed, so limbs don’t fall on your home during a storm.
  • Check the condition of your roof. Consider making repairs to any wear and tear you find.
  • If a storm is going to blow through, close your curtains and blinds to prevent potentially broken glass from coming inside.

If your home is affected by hail, take photos of the hail and damage. Get in touch with a contractor to repair the damage, and reach out to your insurance agent to go through the claims process.

Protect Your Car

If you know a hailstorm is coming:

  • Move your car into your garage.
  • Cover your car with blankets and secure them.
  • Go to a nearby parking structure to wait out the storm.

Even the most prepared drivers can be caught by surprise. If hail does hit your car, inspect the extent of the damage. Get in touch with your insurance company right away to file a claim.

In some cases, small hailstorms can cause minor dents that can be repaired with special tools that do not affect your vehicle’s paint.

Get the Coverage You Need

Weather experts can predict hail, but forecasting isn’t a perfect science. And you might not be home to take preventive measures. Home and car insurance are there for you in case hail does cause damage.

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